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Thread: Something to make a beaters trailer

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    Something to make a beaters trailer

    The little family shoot I beat on are after something to make a beaters trailer with if anyone has anything suitable reasonably priced please?

    The farm has a good workshop with handy chaps that could fettle one up out of any decent sized trailer chassis or knackered horse box, etc.


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    2p worth.
    one shoot I was on made one out of an old hay trailer and a ford cargo back , the workshop lads made it so it could be removed at the end of the season they added a set of steps and hand rails just hay bails for seats done the job and is still doing it well as far as I know and they still had a working hay trailer for later on, and the box became the keepers pen storage shed as it had the shutter door still if that helps think they said the scrap box fitted and sorted was around 200 done

    Happy xmas feller to you and the wife and small ones

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    We bought an old caravan and stripped off the aluminium to reveal the chassis. An old BT Luton box and attatched it to the caravan chassis and 12 old Ford escort front seats bolted to the floor. It even has a roof vent and see through roof panel. Less than 700 all in.

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    We got a purpose built shoot trailer from the estate I stalked as health and safety kicked in dictating numerous bells and whistles steps doors and capacity instantly making the old one a liability .for 200 we got a real gem seating around 15 beaters and dogs in relative comfort compared to the old and extremely noisey livestock trailer we used to use now we can hear ourselves speak which gives the beaters no excuse for not following my orders

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