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Thread: Toyota choice

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    Toyota choice

    Hello and good evening, would anyone be kind enough to possibly offer me some advice on a choice that needs to be made regarding a Hilux Invincible 3l . I've owned a Hilux Icon (2.5l) for two two years, I'm upgrading it to the invincible now though, so, I have to choose between the automatic gear box and the manual gearbox. I drive 1.5 to 2 k per month with weekly off road access work ( mainly rutted clay tracks etc)
    I'm attracted by the convenience of the auto, providing it's not massively poor on fuel consumption, reasonable off road and reliable. The last Hilux I had has been great in many ways but finding the gears is a bit bumpy and can be quite annoying in trafic when in the rush hour etc...
    Does any one have any real life experience of running one of these ? Fuel consumption ? Servicing costs ? Off road handling ? Reliability ?
    Any thoughts on the potential choice would be happily received .

    Kindest regards, Olaf

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    I've had one for about 4 yrs now and am over the moon with it,the fuel consumption is very good and on a run I can get 36 mpg and 24 mpg when towing a heavy trailer,never been caught out off road and servicing is not expensive unless you have it done by Toyota,and it hasn't missed a beat as far as reliability is concerned.As you can see I love mine and wouldn't go back to the L200 even if it was still intact......ooer!

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    Iv had the invincible for over a year in automatic and drove around 32k in it.

    Great truck but I personally find it heavy on fuel (maybe with it being an auto) I get about 34mpg. Had a L200 Animal before that and don't think that was quite as bad.

    My Hilux is going soon and getting a new Series 5 L200 which with the new engine claim around 49 MPG (believe it when I see it) but I must say I think that the new L200 top models such as the barbarian are a lot nicer inside than the invincible.

    Reliability hasn't been an issue with the Hilux never had one problem so that says a lot.

    Off road its been good but I most of the various pickups iv had have been fine I think it is more about the tyres. I managed to get them all stuck at some point regardless mainly through work.

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    Hi, many thanks, I'm supprised that it does 34 mpg, my present 2.5 l icon gives me about that, maybe it's my driving ! I've got a hard top fitted though so maybe that gives me the fuel consumption that I get from it. Do you have a hardtop on yours or is the back open etc ? I'd aggree on the tyre thing too, you can have the best off road truck or 4x4 in the world but with slippy tyres it won't hold well in the mud .
    I like the fuel consumption of the l200 and others, only, the Hilux holds its value so well by comparison that it makes it a super comercial vehicle. That and the fact that my main dealer has fallen over backwards to keep me as a customer, my accountant seems to think that the Hilux offer I have is the best move too when all financial considerations are made etc.. Assuming that the auto is as good a vehicle as the manual that is.
    The general theme seems to be that the automatic delivers slightly less fuel economy under certain conditions but this is greatly offset in how well they hold their value over the manual versions.
    If I knew I could get 32 to 34 mpg from the auto and that they are reliable then I think I'd be happy with it.
    Thanks for your posts though Bez and Remington, remingtons truck is a manual model and yours is a automatic so that's a good start for comparison.
    Mid still be interested to hear of any other Hilux owners findings though. I've looked on the Hilux forums but the threads on the subject all seem to involve owners in Africa and the Hiluxes sold there all have completely diferent types of gearboxes fitted....

    kindest regards, Olaf

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    Just thought id let you know of my experiences with ford ive had Toyota Hiluxs for 20 years 2 years ago decided to go against the norm and try a new ranger glad I did, cheap to run six speed gear box, 3.5 tonne towing capacity while the hilux is a fantastic machine and bomb proof i feel they havent updated the gear box, engine and towing capacity for far too long ill be interested to see what the new model is like next year when it becomes availiable in the UK.

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    I have the 3l invincible auto, never had anything better than 32mpg out of it worse being 26mpg! having said that mines is chipped and fitted with slightly taller tyres. on a run to the CLA last year it worked out on paper 30mpg at motorway speeds, I use it a lot off road and find the auto fine, can be a pain in the arse when you get really stuck! (hard to to rock your way out) towing capacity not clever and outdated! but then again pulling 3ton + has never been much fun any way! its the second one I have had and is my own!, previous was the company car and was in and out most quarries and opencast mines with tools and trailers on its limits and never had any issues, it was the exact same vehicle! the works hilux replaced a long succession of l200s manual (4works and warriors) they were good work horses but just played up more with the 4wd and sensors, lots of mud and puddles didn't do them any favours! the last l200 I had was the barbarian spec in auto, which was far nicer to drive on the road speed wise, but very soft off road. like I said when my own shogun needed replaced I went for the Hilux. they certainly retain the money.

    Having just been given a Discovery 4 as a company vehicle with the 8 speed box, the Toyota box is Jurassic! hopefully they will move with the times?

    Hope that helps any?


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    I've got a 3ltr invincible but in manual , I came from a V8 discovery auto that averaged 12-15 mpg I'd say I'm getting about 25-30 ish out the hilux going around town but I do think to myself should I have bought an auto hilux instead

    I think the auto boxes that are fitted to the hilux over here are the same one they fit to the land cruisers which are a bigger and more powerful motor anyway so shouldn't have any problems in a hilux I haven't heard of any major issues with them to be honest

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    I'm on my second manual Invincible now and both were doing around 34 to the gallon until they were chipped.Consumption went up to between 37-39 runs a lot smoother and a lot more sprightly through the gears.The dealer lent me an auto when mine was in for a service and it was only getting 28 to the gallon

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    i'm on my 2nd auto invincible i do around 20,000 miles a year and around half of these miles are towing trailers or off road in my opinion they are superb. i will be getting a 3rd auto invincible when the time comes. they can be a bit thirsty depending on what your doing with it but its worth it if you ask me.

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    New hilux due out in about 6 months in uk,maybe worth waiting for new model!

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