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Thread: Having a Clearout

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    Having a Clearout

    Hi All,

    For anyone that may be interested I've put a few items on e-bay:

    RCBS .243 Win Neck Sizer (Item No. 200210612500)

    RCBS .308 Win Neck Sizer (Item No. 200210611292)

    RCBS 7mm Rem Mag Neck Sizing Die Set (Item No. 200210614011)

    Tikka 1" Low Blued Optilock Mounts (Item No. 200210865466)

    Tikka 30mm Low Blued Optilock Mounts (Item No. 20021085871)

    All items are little used and in as new condition.

    Thanks and regards,


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    If its possible I will take the 1" optilocks please?

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    Sorry Caleiderscope, I'm new to selling on e-bay but I believe it's prohibited to end a listing early if the item is sold elsewhere.

    Good luck if you decide to make a bid.

    Kind regards,


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    if you add to your listing on ebay
    'this item is advertised elsewhere so this auction may end early if sold'
    you should hav no problems selling it else where and taking it off ebay before the auction ends

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    every pikey seems to do it anyway

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    Tim 1.
    Leave them on E.Bay as they are, this and another site have been notified by you.
    Let the bidding commence for as yet there is no movement.
    I am sure all items will easily be sold there.

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    Yes, agreed Stag.

    However, the dies were withdrawn by e-bay yesterday afternoon because they are in contravention of their Firearms, Weapons and Knives Policy. A quick search this morning has found 3,209 knives most of which are the dreaded military style and upteen other firearms and weapons related items - a load being in various e-bay shops!!! I'll be making a complaint for what good it will do when my Optilocks have gone as I suspect they contravene the policy as well if you read the small print and I don't want to prejudice the sale of those as well.

    I feel very hard done by at the moment because they clearly have a policy that they can't police and enforce effectively and I haven't doen anyhting illegal.

    Kind regards,


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    Tim 1.
    I looked for the .243 neck die last night and could not find it, have you still got it ?
    I am currently bidding for one of your other items.

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    Stag, I still have all the dies and have sent you a PM.



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    Sorry Stag, I didn't realise my brother was logged on to this computer. Just to confirm I still have the dies.

    Best wishes,


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