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Thread: 6.5 barrel blank and 6.5x47 components

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    6.5 barrel blank and 6.5x47 components

    afternoon all.

    Due to a lack of time, I'm selling the parts acquired for my 6.5x47 build.

    Sassen Engineering 6.5 (.264), 1:8.5 twist, 27" long, Remington heavy varmint profile.
    2x 100 rd blue boxes of 6.5x47 Lapua brass. Untouched except to count.
    1 box 100x 123gr Hornady A-Max
    Forster 2 die Benchrest set (full length re-size) unused.

    450 all in plus either delivery or a ftf meet (N Yorks or Diggle)

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    Hi I have been asked to contact you from Reggiegun, I am Interested in the barrel.
    A bit brief but at work at the mo,

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    Sold as a package pending funds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gundoc View Post
    Sold as a package pending funds
    As per PM, if the sale falls through, then I'll have the lot at your asking price.

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