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Thread: Sako or Tikka in .270

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    Sako or Tikka in .270

    Wanted for my mate who has no internet connection has he lives in the middle of no where (mods delete if not allowed) he's after a .270 Sako 75/85 or a Tikka he has no preference to wood or synthetic, not sure of his budget, but I do know he doesn't throw his money about , he has a hardly used Sako 75 in .243 to swap or p/x not sure if this is wood or synthetic will update when I find out the only stipulation is that it must be in excellent condition, he wasn't interested in a .270 when I was selling mine, but now it's all he can talk about so PM me if you have anything he might be interested in.
    Atb Jase.

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    Watching with interest as I will be looking for similar. If Police Scotland, L&B, ever get there arses into gear and process my application....

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    Been over to see my mate today and his rifle is a mint ( cabinet queen) Sako 75 hunter in wood and blue, screw cut, if anyone is interested in a deal for a .270 let me know and I'll put you in touch.
    Atb Jase.

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    He is all sorted now I have bought the .243 from him

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