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Thread: DSC1 Completion

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    DSC1 Completion


    Delighted to pass the DSC level 1 across in Aberlour this weekend, a great course ran by John Allan and Andy who made the course very enjoyable but I did find that there was certainly a lot to learn and remember for the test extremely glad I passed in the end! and look forward to Level 2 next year!


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    Well done I really enjoyed doing mine . Good luck with your level 2


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    Well done, Aligillies, and the best fo luck on you Level 2. Did they give you any notion as to when you would receive your cert.?

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    Thanks Bearstalker........they thought we should receive them within 5/6 weeks, so looking forward to cracking on with level 2 now....
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    Congrats Aligillies54, always good to pass any exams especially after having to read all the paperwork/watch dvds etc.

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    Thanks tumbleweed, I must admit I felt more nervous doing that than anything I've done in the past (that I can remember!) I suppose thats got to be down to what it means to you plus not wanting to fluff it after all the studying involved.

    Cheers Ali

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    Congrats that's a lot of hard work paid off. Look forward to hearing how you get on with DSc2

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    Well done I went back up today and aced my recognition, recon I would have got it first time if I had the online stuff, but he ho thats the way it goes
    good luck with the dsc2 looking around for a deal to do mine also

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    Hi Ray,

    sorry for for the late reply I was away on a wee holiday

    nice one, you'll be delighted to knock that on the head and congratulations with the course! looking forward to part 2 once my cert comes through I'll probably send off for it.
    Good to meet you and hopefully bump into you at some point in the future.
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