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Thread: Gun insurance

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    Gun insurance

    Not sure what category this best fits. How many people have their guns insured? Whilst looking at four figured priced scopes I started thinking about how much hard earned cash is sitting in my cabinet and wondered what my home insurance might say if I had to claim for fire or theft. I'm sure policies will vary but how many folk have their firearms individually insured and if so who are good specialist insurers?



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    Interested in this one myself.
    Had a quick add up in my head, wow it's frightening.
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    My guns are all insured by New Moon insurance, our home insurance wouldn't cover them.

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    Everything shooting wise I own inc clothing is insured home and away with bluefin ...knives scopes mods binos rifles shottys the lot

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    While in the cabinet, all mine are covered by my contents insurance, I've also insured them for accidental damage while out of the house such as dropping them from a highseat or falling from a quad. Double check your household policies and many won't cover for loss or damage away from the home. All my insurance is with NFU

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    Mine are all covered and specified on my household insurance through Towergate. I pay a lot for my house/contents insurance but saves having multiple policies.

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    Cover on my household policy, with Saga (and no, i'm not THAT old).

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    Household home and away.

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    'All risks cover' is I think what you are looking for, which is effectively cover for outside your house. I am with FBD who are the Irish equivalent of NFU. Guns, rifles, scopes and binoculars are individually detailed otherwise i would only receive a fixed percentage of the total contents cover in the event of a claim. Obviously I'm the wrong side of the water from you but I think the principles are the same.


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