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Thread: Schmidt and Bender 56mm sunshade

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    Schmidt and Bender 56mm sunshade

    As per title an unmarked Schmidt and Bender 56mm sunshade bought off here ages ago for my Z6 which it sadly didn't fit. Had kept it in the loft thinking I may end up with a 56mm Schmidt at some point but haven't!!

    They are the guts of 53 new from York Guns and just want back what I paid which is 40 posted.

    If interested send me a PM, I can send photos but it looks like a 56mm sunshade!

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    I'll take this please - as per our PMs. Just awaiting instructions as to how to pay you.



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    No Probs Steve, got sidetracked earlier but have PM'd you.

    Sold pending the usual.

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    Arrived today - perfect; thank you Mick.

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