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Thread: Fortis Jacket

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    Fortis Jacket

    Looking for help here , I have been looking at a new jacket made by Country Covers who are now Fortis, but am wondering if the company is related to Arktis as the products look very similar.

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    Did you get my PM?

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    I have dealt with Country Covers (now Fortis) over the past 5 or 6 years have met the owners at various country shoes. As far as I was aware they are not related to any other company but CC/fortis are based in Axminster, Devon and Artkis in Exeter not a million miles apart and some of the stuff does look very similar

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    Country Covers are changing name to Fortis I believe, and Arctis is their Military/Police side. Same designs and standards basically. Very very good kit.

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    Dawnrazor Pm replyed to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10.9 View Post
    Dawnrazor Pm replyed to.
    Thanks, the more I look into this company the more and more horror stories I'm finding, shocking.

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    Horror stories, how so? Never dealt with them but have a jacket and overtrousers and seem warm and tough.

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    I have an Arktis jacket I use a lot. Last year I needed to replace the zip. As the jacket his an Arktis label inside with their phone number on, I called them, only to be told I would have to deal with CC. So I called CC, who wanted me to go back to Arktis. I got it sorted out in the end and CC kindly carried out the repair FoC. I'm still a bit confused, though!
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    Arktis all the way for me, in fact go on their website as the sale is on. I just got a £286 jacket for £50 (+£4.80p+p) with next day UPS delivery

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    I've got a jacket and four pairs of trousers from Country covers. First two pairs of trousers were so good that I bought another two pairs the next year at the same show. The second lot of trousers literally fell apart within months and the first lot are still going strong. Massive difference in the quality. When I phoned them to speak about getting repairs / replacements they couldn't of cared less. Needless to say they won't be getting anymore business from me.
    The jacket was bought at the same time as the first lot of trousers and it is of excellent quality as well but what their current stuff is like I don't know.

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