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Thread: Boots

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    I know it's been asked a lot of times but which boots do you lads use Iv got it down to either le chameau, altbergs or lowas but really not sure what ones to go for just after some advise
    thanks in advance

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    I use lowa gtx goretex , had them for about 4 years ish use them for stalking and walking the dog so I wear them about 250 -300 times a year they have never leaked and I have never had a problem with them other than replacing laces

    when they are worn out I'll replace them with another pair as they are relatively cheap in comparison

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    Had lechameau for the last 4 years. Very pleased with them, they were comfy (very) right out the box. Eventually split at the start of this autumn and let the water in. Now moved to Altberg gamekeeper (plain leather) and they are a very nicely made boot. They are however needing a LITTLE breaking in. They're still comfortable but don't have that "worn in" feel yet. I hope they will perform as well or better than the lechameau. Only time will tell. One big thing for me was that they are made in uk, and if I'd have had the time I would have gone to factory for a fitting.

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    Lundhags; if wet and you want a heavy duty boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldon View Post
    Lundhags; if wet and you want a heavy duty boot.
    Agreed, if I get goretex lined boots I recommend Hanwag Alaska or Trapper gtx but Lundhags have been my go to boot for nearly 30 years.

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    I'm lucky, work issues me boots. Over the years they have been goretex and non-goretex and from makers like Lowa, HiTec, Meindl and now they are Altbergs. All have been good and there is often a choice so you can see what fits you - this is the key. No point someone saying go with type X when they have slim feet and you have fat feet or vice versa, that would be counter intuitative. Some companies cater for different feet widths and sizes, others tend to have lasts that suit one or other.

    The current military issue boot, the Altberg Defender is very good and available in several widths as well as sizes. The military spec one is sized a bit different to the civvy one to allow a pair of thick SealSkinz socks inside. I have had mine for 6 months, wear them shooting at least once a week and they are great. I also have another pair for work. As above though - they are only any good if they fit.

    In my humble opinion, based on the use above and also as a mountaineer, goretex boots have limited utility. As soon as the goretex cracks (which it will, usually at the fold of the foot) you then have a boot that lest water in and then traps it. By using a good leather pair of boots, well treated, and waterproof socks for those days you need them you have the best of every world going.

    Some may disagree though.

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    lundhags , finest boots I've ever owned , so much so I brought two pairs so I have a spare pair ready to go when the current pair are worn out and being refurbished
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    If you buy 'Used Grade 1' you will generally get brand-new boots (Including Altberg, Lowa and Meindl) from the British Military Surplus Store.
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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    Thank you for the advise so far chaps has anybody used harkila boots

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    Lowa had mine for six years no problems - most comfortable boots for me

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