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Thread: Stalkers that are like Santa once a year lol

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    Cool Stalkers that are like Santa once a year lol

    Roll on the frost get out before the old yins lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
    Roll on the frost get out before the old yins lol
    You've got to be out there to get them and hopefully now that the weather is starting to settle down we might be able to get out more and get some successful stalking done!
    I've been out on my deer permission twice in the last two days. (It's less than a 10 minute drive from my home) Saw roe does each time.
    Yesterday there were two very healthy youngsters (Looked like two year olds) that were not in my cull plan and didn't offer a safe shot anyhow so I let them go on their way.
    Today there were three of them less than 80 yards away from me, but I opted not to take a shot - Two of them didn't fit in with my cull plan (They were two youngish healthy does), the third doe (Which was one of the older does that I want to cull) would not offer me a clear enough shot to be certain of a clean kill.
    Even though I didn't get to take a shot yesterday or today I was delighted to be out there and see them (without getting soaked to the skin). For me the biggest pleasure is being out there and seeing them rather than taking every shot that is offered.
    Anyway at least they are showing and "holding" fairly close to where I (With the very kind and generous help of another SD member/close friend) set up a "feeding station" last week so there is a good chance that as long as I take my time and plan/pick my shot carefully enough I will be able to nail her (And hopefully the other "old girl" that is on my cull plan) this side of Christmas!

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    when the weather settles down looking at it at the moment that may be some time away. but get out anyway i was out before first light on Sunday with very light drizzle so not too bad . plenty now showing on the fallow front 15 -20 crossed the feed ride on the right of the highseat about 70 yards away . no shot taken as bits of trees that I planned to cut back in the summer obscured the shot . but all was not lost 1 fallow doe and a muntjack buck in the bag after 2 hrs and also mr fox was lucky he disappeared behind some nettles before I could get a shot off so all in all not too bad but It would be nice to get some frost to kill off the nettles. walking back to the vehicle I took a photograph on my phone of a primrose in flower on sunday 13th of December that's mad .

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    I planted a load of bulbs about 2 months ago thinking they'd look nice in the spring and they're all sprouting now! Should be getting out after some roe on Thursday so just hope the weather holds for that.

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