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Thread: Sussex Firearm Department.

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    Sussex Firearm Department.

    just want to say a big thank you to the Firearms licensing team for Sussex.

    They don't hear it enough, I am sure, but I for one am very , very pleased with the servic afforded to me.

    license returned for a variation, posted last Monday, back through my letter box today (Monday).

    Thanks again, and merry Christmas to you all.


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    Yes they are very professional, approachable and efficient - hats off to them!

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    Good to hear that they are very efficient.
    Pitt Street Glasgow where always brilliant for variations and my mate put one in several months before they moved and he got a phone call to pick up next day as he asked how quick could he get it. To say he was astounded is an under statement

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    I had a similar experience with Sussex. Put in for a variation, posted it before I went away for a long weekend and was through my letter box when I returned. Very fast. Very pleasing!

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    They are exceptional these days. Seems to be down to Wendy, who is helpful, efficient and not afraid to answer clarification questions in writing. Brilliant!

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    I did have the pleasure of meeting the whole sussex firearm department at a event we laid on at the bsrc all seamed to be interested in finding out more about firearms and the general use of the firearms . some had shot before some had never shot but all where interested in the thoughts of what shooters needs are and also why some may ask for a certain calibre and why . I must say it was most refreshing to find open minded people like this and talking to the head of the department I was amazed at the length of combined service of the backroom staff . top notch Sussex they set the standard that others should try to achieve .

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    Sussex are a real pleasure to deal with and very fast and efficient.

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    Agreed. Very quick and user friendly

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