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Thread: Recommend a vet in the swindon area

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    Recommend a vet in the swindon area

    Hi, I have just moved to shrivenham and wondered if anyone could recommend a good and hopefully reasonably priced vet. Alternatively where is to be avoided?

    thanks in advance.

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    Wow, nobody lives in the area and can recommend a vet!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fresh slots View Post
    Wow, nobody lives in the area and can recommend a vet!!
    There is a vet practice in Swindon old town which I had to take my lab too when she cut her paw once when I was down visiting my mum...not sure if that helps...;-)

    I'm pretty sure no one lives in Swindon by choice and the deer stalking is pretty poor so I doubt there are many deer stalkers there...Pirton and Malborough was is probably a different story!

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    I live in Shrivenham and would also be interested as I'm looking to get a dog. There is a pets at home less than 10mins away that has a vet but can't say how good they are.

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    The Arrow veterinary group is owned a Shooting man. ;-)
    Specialist boarding for working dogs in Staffordshire.
    All breeds of dogs trained, puppies and older dogs sometimes available
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    Thanks for the responses

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    Farm vets seem to have a more pragmatic approach, there are a couple near Shrivenham that you might look at. I believe Elms Vets in Faringdon are good.

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    Barton Stevens in Faringdon, general vet, no longer does horses
    Burton Vale, horses, ask for Bart or Heather
    Sue at Vine Yard in Witney again general vet and has rebuilt my dog a few times
    Abbey Vale for cats, my daughter worked there
    The dog studio in Woolstone for grooming and hydrotherapy, Trish and Adam

    The BlueCross at Burford has the occasional working dog, worth keeping and eye on
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