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Thread: Threading rifles for Moderators.

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    Threading rifles for Moderators.

    I am looking to get may Sakos .243 and .270 threaded for mostly the T8 moderators, I live in the northwest nr Clitheroe Lancs and can anybody recommend anybody to do a good job for me close to home or will I have to travel. I will try Trevor Proctors but Iím open to suggestions.

    Also is anybody in the know who can recommend a good supplier.



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    hi smithy
    by uncle who is in wythenshawe ,on the advice of a gun shop in cheadle and myself he used norman clarke guns in rugby it is probaly only 2 hours down the m6 but he is good and can supply the mods aswell , very pleased with the work and results on the range , he had a 243 and 308 moderated with T8's

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    Smithy, I'm sure I don't need to remind you but I will , don't forget you will only need one T8 for both rifles, just two plastic insert / bushes one for each rifle. I use the same T8 on three different guns.

    There I feel better now I think I have save you the best part of £200, my good deed for the day, week, month, year, nah make that forever


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    If you use norman clark you will get a 1st class job, the only thing he will insist on is that it goes for proof, just in case you thought he will thread it only, he will not negotiate this point, i have had all my rifles threaded by him, everything fits properly, if you want to use one mod that won't be a problem, and he has a good selection of reloading components if you need any when your there


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    Try Bradford shooting, they are not that far,

    Vince also does his own moderator, a Viper,

    I have one nice workmanship.

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    steve , john thanks for pointing that out
    yes you will need to tell norman that you only want one mod or he will do 2 seperate ones , one for each rifle

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    You could try South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies, Dave there does a first rate job.

    Best rgds


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    Thanks for the replies and JayB for the last good deed you will ever do! Some how I donít think so,. I follow your threads and you always advise and help as do numious lads and lassies on this site. You did need to remind me I never gave it a thought that one would do the lot.



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