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Thread: Stainless barrel query

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    Stainless barrel query

    right guys heres onbe for you.........
    we are all told or led to believe that stainless is nherently better than a normal barrel for wear tear and corrosion........but......

    this has got me thinking a weldcer by trade although not worked at it for more than 10yrs but im rem,ember from course work that due to stainless being harder than than normal carbon steel that it is also more susceptible to corrosion from...say.. residual nitro powders etc if left say in an uncleaned barrel.

    is this or is this not the case????

    i now stainless is more corrosion resistant to water but internqally if left uncleaned is stainless more or less susceptible to damage / corrosion from residual nitro powders etc?


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    There is stainless ............................... and then there is stainless. If you look it up there are literally hundreds of different grade for different and special applications. Some stainless cannot be welded an it fails after a while due to carbon fractures others weld well.

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    There is a very good explanation of barrel steels on the Border Barrels website (or at least there was). In addition if you have 'Foxing with Lamp and Rifle' by Robert Bucknell, the same piece is in there. Geoff Kolbe knows a thing or two about barrel steel..

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