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Thread: Velo Dog Revolver.

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    Velo Dog Revolver.

    I have for sale my "Velo Dog Revolver" this is an obsalete caliber so I believe is ok to own. I dont seem to be able to upload photos so anyone interested p.m. me and I will send photos, it is in good condition and all parts working.
    Offers in the region of 150. I will not post so personal collection only.

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    What calibre is it?
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    The only VD I know of is the 5.5mm Velo Dog.

    It is on the Appendix V list so is a recognized antique. The ammunition for it is still Section 1 if it can be found.

    I examined some ammo for it which came up at auction, which was Fiochi if my memory is right. The Lot below went for silly money to the internet, but then some bidders are prepared to buy anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrens Mews View Post
    What calibre is it?
    5.5 I. Think it was the only calibre it was made in.

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    Can you email some pics please my email is

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    Quote Originally Posted by tusker View Post
    5.5 I. Think it was the only calibre it was made in.
    apparently some manufactured after 1900 als accept .22lr or .25acp rounds
    Velo-dog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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