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    Hi Guys, This has probably been done to death in the past, ive just bought a .308 iam now looking for information on a suitable moderator for it , i have atec mod on my .243, but am interested to hear your views on a dpt,. northstar, ase ultra, or any others etc tec.
    Regards NEIL

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    Got ASE Northstar on a Tikka T3 S/V really pleased with it not the lightest (600grms) but really well made and you don't need a rear bush. 2yr warranty then life time warranty deal if you have problem hand back the mod to Jackson rifles you only pay 60% of rrp for new mod.
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    That's some mod at 600oz that should be grms surely

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    I've a Northstar on my .308 too (and on a .270). They're not the lightest, but they don't strip (so no messing about required), they don't stick out too far and they don't leave marks on your barrel, as no rear-bushing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jase kaye View Post
    That's some mod at 600oz that should be grms surely
    Yer grms well I had got got back from lamping @ 2.00am and that's 21.1644 oz
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    I've just fitted a DPT to my .308 and I'm very happy with it indeed. I'm used to having T8's on my rifles, and the DPT is so light in comparison you really don't know it's on the end of the barrel. I was quite suprised at the sound attenuation, there was no noticeable difference from my point of view while shooting and if you want to tame the muzzle report any more you always have the option of fitting an extra baffle which I think are available for about 28 each. William Evans at DPT is a pleasure to deal with, I placed my order through my local RFD at around 11.00am and received the mod the next day.
    Hope this may be of help to you.

    ATB Lee

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    Pity you didn't get the .308 first and use the one mod for both rifles. I've got a .30 ASE Jet Z which is excellent on the .308. It's a compact mod and doesn't upset the balance of the rifle. Noise reduction isn't as good as a T8 but its not far off and more than good enough so not worth sacrificing lightness and compactness for the sake of a couple of decibels. I use it on a .243 as well as many people do with a .30 cal can to save shelling out on two mods but I don't think its that effective on the smaller calibre. To my ears its noticeably noisier than other people's rifles I've shot which have .25 specific mods. If I'd been buying specifically to serve two calibres I'm not sure I'd have gone for a compact.

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