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Thread: Anybody got an Argo for sale?

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    Anybody got an Argo for sale?

    Pretty self explanatory. I'm looking for one that I can do up and learn about them in the process. I've had an offer of help from a man who knows.
    I'm in Perth and happy enough to travel in Scotland or down to Northumberland/Cumbria.
    Thank you.

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    One for sale on Scottish roe stalking on face ache

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    What sort of price range are you looking at? Argo's are certainly not the cheapest of machines to fix so please be careful what you buy. I know there was a very good Argo for sale for around 4500 if that is of any interest to you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    One for sale on Scottish roe stalking on face ache
    As above, contact Gardners Guns, Longtown, Cumbria. He has an Argo Magnum for sale at 2k

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    Interesting to see the prices. I was thinking of less than that. Maybe those are the going rates and I need to rethink.
    Anybody else got any suggestions?
    Thanks guys.

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    One on gumtree at the moment.

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    Blitzing, thank you. That one, if it's in Inverurie, is sold.

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    i have a conquest pm me your email and i can send over pictures

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    Not an argo but if you need a quad to get a beast of the hill give me a shout, its not for sale but I dont mind coming out to give you a hand
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    Very kind Ray. I have a quad. I'm moving upmarket. Hahahahaha.

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