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Thread: .22lr 60gr ballistics

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    .22lr 60gr ballistics

    Hi all,
    Anyone out there know anything about the .22lr Aguila 60gr SSS?
    I'm looking to put it through my semi auto with 12.5" barrel (1-13 3/4 twist).
    Going to get some to try out, but wondered if anyone can give me a steer before I buy.
    I know they're supposed to have a high twist rate barrel to stabilise them. Not sure if mine is fast enough.
    Piglet shifted uncomfortably in his high seat;

    "Oh bother" sighed Pooh as he chambered another round...

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    I have quite a bit of experience with this round. The designer is a close friend of mine and I have shot bricks of it.
    You are right: It "requires" a 1:9" twist but I have shot it well out to 50M in my Brno and CZ rifles. Other rifles were not so accurate tho most, but the micro-groove Marlin rifles, will shoot it fairly well out to 25M. Your 13.75" twist will have a better shot at stability. I have a 1:9" Ruger M-96 that shoots it extremely well at all ranges. Try it and see.....~Muir

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    Coriolis is aguila available again in this country? I haven't seen it around for a good many years and wasn't aware that there is a current importer for the brand.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    My pal in Germany sells them to me as he has a gun shop.
    If they are in Germany then why not in the UK?

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    You may have problems with ejection (short case). Also bit louder and dirtier, but shortish barrel may mitigate this (problem is pressure remaining in barrel when short case breaks the seal during ejection).

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    In my sleep addled brain I missed the part about using a semi auto. It will be much as Jthyttin says and there will be considerable flash from the breech in the darker hours of the day. Frankly, the SSS was designed for a specific bolt action rifle -not autos. I have shot it from many 10.22 Rugers but it is not the best option. Expect about 900 fps from your rifle. Wear safety glasses as there will be a good bit of residue flying about. Extraction and ejection shouldn't be a problem.~Muir

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