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Thread: How do you go "coterminous"?

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    How do you go "coterminous"?

    Last question, sorry!

    My shotgun licence has still got 2 years left to run but I'm now wanting to apply for my first fac.
    I'm very keen to have coterminous certificates as its both financially and practically more efficient.

    I was just wondering how I go about applying for a coterminous certificate when I apply for my fac?


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    From what I recall you just tick the box on the application form & fill in the details as appropriate, you don't get a refund on the unused years on your certificate, best to check with your FEO/FLD, they are usually quite helpful with this sort of thing.

    atb Tim

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    What Tim said

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    I did it, so I know it can be done. Think I just ticked the box on the form. However my SGC didn't have long to run anyway.

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    When I did mine I had to in effect reapply for a SGC after only having it 2 months cost more at the time but hopefully the saving will come my feo was really helpful and sorted most of it

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    I had my SGC already when I sent off for my FAC. I Realised i should have applied for a coterminous certificate after I had submitted the forms so I rang my FEO who just said send another cheque for the difference between the FAC and coterminous fees with a cover letter and that was it.

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    MY FEO advised me too for all the reasons above, be honest i thought already had SGC for 2 years so my bill would be double if my FAC was seperate and he talked me through it easy peasy with help
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    I went down this route. No hastle. But for some reason it only works from FAC to coterminous. If you want to go this route it can only be done on FAC renewal.

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