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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all

    Hi all,
    im a new shooting enthusiast looking to get into regular deer stalking, hopefully getting an FAC to stalk in the near future (I will need some info on this please) in addition to, again hopefully, founding the Swansea University Shooting and Conservation Society with a few friends at uni.

    I would be be very appreciative of some info on how I would go about gaining my FAC, such as what I would need to get in terms of permissions, qualifications (I've seen on the BASC website of a few DSC courses and am very close to signing up for one or two in the new year) and all of the related points.

    thanks for any info,


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    Hi Alex. Welcome to the site. The DSC 1 course is well worth the money but not a requirement per se for an FAC. Getting out stalking and proof that you are doing so is the good reason that you need. Give me a shout if I can help.
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    Welcome to the site,

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    Thanks for the welcome both, Tackleberry270, I'll definitely give you a shout, I'll be looking at trying to get some stalking, or atleast witnessing experience in the early new year, so I'd need someone to point me in the right direction, and maybe offer some knowledge on what to do etc
    talk soon,


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    DSC1 is definately good to have, but not a requirement for a FAC book up with one of the guys on here for an introductory stalking experience and take it from there, if you have someone in mind for your DSC1 give them a call , im sure they will sort you out with a novice day stalking and provide the proper gun, you dont need a FAC to go stalking as you can rent the estate gun for the day, that way when you apply for your FAC you can prove you have been out stalking and intend to go out for "paid stalking" thats all you need to prove for a FAC , permissions can come later
    best of luck

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