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Thread: 3 GWP bitch pups for sale 9 weeks old

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    3 GWP bitch pups for sale 9 weeks old

    All pups have been docked, microchipped, jabbed and regularly wormed, all come from top working lines. Pictures to follow.
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    sorry 650 we are based in Cumbria

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    sorry to ask loads of questions but are parents hip tested / health checked??

    any chance of the pedigree copy?

    Are there any restrictions on there papers?

    what have they been wormed with?
    you can reply as thread or personal message what ever is best for you regards kernow

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    They look absolute cracking girls. Don't apologise for asking questions Kernow69 I am interested in the answers as well. Very tempted to get my GWP now and not wait until the spring

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    Hi Bali
    There are no restrictions on the litter at all, they have been wormed with standard puppy wormer 'til recently when we started to use Panacur, our bitch is not hip scored, unsure about the sire but I can check that with the owner. Bracken's pedigree reads like a who's who, her grandfather Bryantscroft Tamarind belonged to the chap that owns the sire, he recognised his features in our bitch and that's when he suggested she had a litter. Her pedigree is predominantly Bryantscroft and some Tickencote. It's her second litter, she's 6 years old now and is a bit awkward with her seasons, this is why her pups are so precious to us. There were 7 in the litter, 2 dogs, 5 bitches, the dogs have gone to Speyside, one to work on grouse moors ( eventually ) and one to work alongside a falconer, one of the bitches has gone to Norfolk to pick up on various shoots. We're keeping one of the bitches so there are 3 left, they're lovely pups, very bold, they had their first excursion out of their whelping room today and displayed a lot of boldness and were very inquisitive. The sire is hereditarily clear of vWD and we're awaiting the results of Bracken's test anyday now. Bracken is in fantastic health and held her condition throughout. If you want to know anything else just shout out and I'll do my best to answer your queries.

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    Thanks for the reply ulverstonbabe as much as I am tempted the 5 hour trip to you is not possible this time of the year for me. Good luck with the sale

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