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Thread: Fallow Buck

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    Fallow Buck

    Looking for an opportunity to stalk a Fallow Buck.

    Can do highseat but would prefer walking.

    Don't want to pay trophy fees but ideally would like to get to stalk something with some antler growth i.e. not a nobber or spiker.

    Very happy to pay the going rate for the day / outing.

    The bar has been set high on the only two guided stalks I have done: Davie (Scotland deer stalking) Matt (under keeper at the Easton Estate) were excellent.

    Can swap for Roe or Muntjac but I appreciate that this will pertain to professional guides.

    Any recommendations in the Lincs area?

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Darren at doddington lincs has a few fallow you could try the estate office .

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    Thanks Norma, I'll make a call there. I didn't realise Fallow were present that far up in Lincolnshire. Thanks again, J

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    Yep my wife was estate office manager I got married there
    not sure they do guided stalking these days but worth a call .

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