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Thread: Xmas dinner

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    Xmas dinner

    So guys with a week left to play and think what are people cooking for dinner on the big day my boys want roast lamb with all the trimmings, home made Smoked salmon thanks to previous thread, venison pate and game pie. Any thing I've forgotten all comments welcome even red dots happy twist

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    Im having an egg inside a hen inside a fox.

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    Do you stuff it your self or get it oven ready

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    ..... It kinda came oven ready. Not as good as last year tho' i had a worm inside a trout inside an osprey.

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    Fillet of beef had venison last few yrs fancied a change so local beef and trimmings .

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    ..... It kinda came oven ready. Not as good as last year tho' i had a worm inside a trout inside an osprey.
    Love it...

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    Mrs PM doesn't see venison as a festive type of meat now, it's just the stuff that I bring home and that we eat when we run out of farmed meat! Ridiculous, really. Just goes to show that it's rarity to creates much of the perception of luxury. That said, last night I served up dinner and said "This is definitely the last of the venison". "Well you'll just have to go and find some more then!" she answered. A bit of a result, there, although of course she's just humouring me because I'm going to try anyway on Monday.

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    I'm going to the in-laws which is fantastic news. My wife's father can't do a normal Sunday roast without doing about 10 different vegetables and 2 meats, so Christmas must be a true feast!
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    Embden goose. Currently enjoying life outside. But due for the chop on Sunday.
    Venison casserole on Boxing day.
    Next year I'm going to raise my own turkey as prices are ridiculous.
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    I can't have Turkey as my Wife is a Chef. She is sick of the sight of it by the Big Day so it is Roast Beef for me. Plain and simple piece of 28 Day Matured Topside.
    I am Diabetic so no Pudd or Trifle or Mince Pies or Chocs .


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