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Thread: which rimfire scope for gallery and bunnies

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    which rimfire scope for gallery and bunnies


    has anyone got any recomendations for a scope to be used on a .22 rimfire for both gallery shooting 20/25 yards and bunnies out to 100 yards. My budget would be 250 (with a little flexability) and happy for either new or second hand and either fixed or variable. Would parallax be an issue for me at the shorter range and limit my choice?
    Grateful for suggestions or advice especially regarding parallax.


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    I have got a couple of MTC scopes on a .22 rimfire and an air rifle. I think they are good quality scopes and represent value for money. I decided to spend a bit more on my stalking scope and went for a S&B but don't have any complaints about the MTCs. A lot of people who have used them have commented that about the quality of the image.

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    For a .22 rim fire you could halve that budget.
    try a BSA sweet .22
    or a scope with half mil-Dot reticle
    like a Hawke Panorama 3 to 9 x40
    with illuminated reticle and adjustable parallax.
    The adjustable turret /mil dot reticle will help you
    with the .22 ballistics.

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    watching and reading a lot by different experts, they all say keep focus on the reticule.
    Question, are some scopes/ reticules better for this than others

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    Thanks for the replies, will scopes generally 'work' from 25 yards to 100 yards without any problems or am I worrying unnnecessarily about parallax and the different distances I will be shooting at?

    regards sbm

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    Higher magnifications require a means of adjusting the parallax unless things have changed a lot that is. The designe of the scope and lenses also make a diffierence to this. Have a look at what the Field Target Air Rifle people use to get an idea of how it works. they use the a scopes parallax adjustment to range the knock down targets. Used to watch them at Bisley doing just this.

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    Close shooting with a high mag scope <50m requires very good parallax adjustment.
    A 4x or 6x will,not require anything unless you get down to 15m or so.
    I've never used higher than 6x on a rimfire as high mag means too much time waving around to find the target.
    Think before you buy cheap. Is seeing and hitting the target less important because it is a rimfire? If it doesn't matter that you don't hit what you want then by all means handicap yourself and buy a cheap shitty scope.
    Your budget is sufficient to get a really good secondhand German scope in fixed power or a new fixed power Vortex, Leupold or Nikon. I'd go for that rather than a BSA the like.
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    A fixed Swarovski 6 x 42 is just out of focus at 25 yards - ok at 30 yards & fine out to infinity (At least mine is.)


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    I'd still go with a fixed power 2nd hand Zeiss (German Made and assembled) or Swaro but these look reasonable:
    Zeiss 2-7x32 Terra 3X Rifle Scope w/ Hunting Turret
    Zeiss Terra 3x 3-9x50mm Riflescope
    From Optics Planet in the US I've bought from them and Europtics too.
    Zeiss Terra 3x 3-9x50mm Riflescope FREE SH 522731-9920-000, 522731-9979-000. Zeiss Terra Rifle Scopes, Zeiss Rifle Scopes.
    I've got one of these on a .223 and it is pretty good for the price: US $299 which when including postage comes to 230
    Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 Zplex Reticle 5214609920 -
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    Have a look at a second hand leupold vx3 6-20-40 efr.
    Got one on my 22lr for target and hunting.

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