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Thread: Renti rifles

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    Renti rifles

    Im applying for a 22WMR for fox but i cant get a centerfire for deer as i have no mentor.

    When you pay an estate to go stalking can you normally hire a rifle out.


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    thats unusual. who will you be foxing with? are they experienced and can they act as a mentor for foxing with a 243?

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    I fox with a friend.Im not sure he will mentor for me as he will have to put alot at stake and does menotring not have to last a few years.

    Will a rimfire not do the job on a fox? i dont want to wound any animals

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    I think I am right in saying that my local force will not approve .22 rimfire for fox. My experience is that it will certainly work but it will not create a big wound, so placement is essential. It will therefore be unlikely to be your foxing calibre for all conditions (range will be a critical consideration). It would certainly not be my choice.


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    In my experience the police will only approve .22 centrefire for fox.
    The .22 rimfire is great for rabbits and small vermin but for foxy it's (for me) .22 centrefire everytime.

    Good luck


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    Hi Foxy experts,
    I wonder what advantages there are in the supersonic .22rf. I have a few boxes and really don't know what use they have. They shoot about 4"high at 50yds compared with winchester subs. Do they pack a lot more punch than the subs, or do they just extend the range?
    Most of what I do is bunnies, but it would be nice to be able to up the clout if Reynard should turn up.

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    Hi Mark. I am hardly an expert but personally I cant see alot of point in them. I am always nervous about a ricochet, they dont break up on impact and you have to contend with the sound barrier being broken. I dont shoot rabbit for the pot enough to need a round that produces a low level of meat damage.

    So for me they are used for having a bit of fun at the range.


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    hi guevara
    which licensing force are you under? as there seems to be something not quite right as you are applying for a 22wm for fox as you can't get a 243 for deer, so why not get a 222 for fox then get a variation to hav it passed for the smaller deer speices that are now legall for that calibre,
    if you already hav written permission for fox controll then you can force the issue to hav a 243 for fox controll, and if you hav a letter stating that you hav permission to shoot deer like a booking of stalking then you your force hav to prove just cause as to why you can't hav a deer legal calibre put on your ticket, my advice is to speak to someone like BASC, BDS, NGO or some other authority like that as they will give you advice and may even take up the cause to help you out but only if you are member if not then join one
    HV 22 are good but no point having a sound mod on your rifle , they do deliver a good clout but so do 22 subs and with foxes if they are in range then head shots are the way to go as they always run with chest shots so if you are limited on open fields then you may not pick up many chest shot foxes and that is not a good feeling

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    The .222 idea is an excellent one Richard. Much better for fox and now deer legal. Its win win.

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