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Thread: New Member from Lancashire

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    Lightbulb New Member from Lancashire


    I've been using this site for a while, checking out people equipment reviews etc. No better test than in the field. Decided today to create a profile so I can post some of my own in future.

    Been hunting/fishing for a while but only taken up roe deer stalking over the last couple of years, shot a buck on my second outing and haven't looked back!! Enjoy working my 2 spaniels during the season, great beating and rough shooting dogs but not so steady for deer stalking!

    I live in Lancashire and do most of my stalking in Scotland. Been on the look out for somewhere in Lancs for rifle zeroing and range practice but am still looking, any info would be good??



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    Hi Scott
    There is a rang at Altcar near Southport Welcome to the font of all stalking knowledge.

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    Where in Lancashire are you Scott?... there is a full bore range near Belmont that I've been trying to get into but it's easier to get into the SAS.
    Apparently the club secretary shot himself so they're not taking any mew members at the moment but 2 of my mate's are probationary members (5months) so when they get full membership they can hopefully recommend me.
    Someone needs to open a full bore range where you can just turn up, pay your money and shoot instead of all that fannying around like the Masons.... listen to me, I'm turning your introduction into a rant. Welcome to the SD
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

    Good deals with ~ deako ~ sakowsm ~ dryan ~ 2734neil ~ mo ~ riggers ~ mmbeatle ~ seanct ~ an du ru fox

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    Hi Scott,
    I am also from Lancashire. I believe there is a rifle range at Rawtenstall near to the pet cemetary.

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    Hello all,

    Living near Preston at the moment, I've been to Altcar once with a local rifle club but I wasn't sure how they worked with non-rifle club members? I didn't join the club as they mainly shot an indoor 25 metre range which isn't much use for a .243!! Other than that, when the club went to Altcar the club often shot 600 metre range, I don't know if I would take that shot at a Roe!!!

    You're absolutely right Si, someone does need to open up a club where you can turn up pay your money and shoot away, it would make life easier. I'm sure someone with the capital will spot the niche in the market.

    Mick, I'll have to look Rawtenstall up as I'm not familiar with it. Not locally reared around here you see so I'm still finding my feet!!



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    Hi Scott,
    I'm another from lancs, not far from you Chatburn nr Clitheroe, ur on a good site and with loads of help and advice, you have a pm.

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    Welcome Scott...i am down at Ormskirk, not far away


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    The rifle range at Rawtenstall (near pet cemetry) is Pinner Quarry and is leased from the local council by Bury Muzzle Loaders R&PC.
    There is another at Rawtenstall, in Brow Edge Quarry, leased from Brian Boys by Rossendale Fusliers R&PC
    There are two ranges off Belmont Road (actually on Scout Road) which is the main road from Preston to Bolton. One is full bore (50m?) and is owned and run by Bolton R&PC. The second is a pistol calibre only range (25m) owned and run by Bolton Gun Club.
    All four clubs require membership (full or probationary) to shoot there ie no turn up-and-shoot visitors allowed.

    Altcar only allows registered clubs to shoot, and not private individuals. If you ring them, they may be able to give you the names of the clubs on their register. One club that certainly shoots there (though I am unsure of frequency) is the Fylde Shooting Club.

    You could also try Warcop Ranges near Brough in Cumbria. Its a military range run by Landmarc, but allows civilian clubs to use it. A call to them may get you the contact details of one of the club secretaries that use it. One potential possibility would be Windscale Rifle Club who shoot there regularly. I know they used to take "day members" on range days as long as you have an FAC and adequate insurance. This was still the case up to last year for certain.

    If all else fails, ring the NRA and ask them to pass your details to a club secretary in your area. You will probably be expected to join a club, but you never know.

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    try here...

    i think there is also a club called red rose? or similar that shoot from Altcar!!


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