Hello everyone,

My name is Tony and I must confess to have stumbled across the site by accident while reviewing Remington 700 info. Currently I only use a .17hmr although I am currently going through my application for .308 and .303. Initially I will just be getting myself a Remington 700, the exact model, I have not yet decided but I am edging toward the VLS as i am hoping that the stock will be good enough to not need replacing as seems to be the recommended norm. I will for now only be using the rifle for range use as I have nowhere to shoot a calibre this large but over time this may change.

From my brief visits here so far, I have found the advise to be unbiased and very helpful, although i don't expect to be able to contribute at such an early stage of owning a firearm, I am hopeful that I will pick up plenty of good advise from r4eading other posts.