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Thread: Leica Rangemaster LRF 1200 (yards and metres) Laser Range Finder

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    Leica Rangemaster LRF 1200 (yards and metres) Laser Range Finder

    • I have decided to chop this in for a longer range model and have my eye on a 1600B
    • It has served me well and works perfectly
    • selling on ebay for well over 300 even now

    Solid unit, idiot proof to use
    comes in original black cordura case with belt loop and lanyard on unit itself
    uses a 9v battery, have used one battery since i got it, very long lasting
    Switchable from yards to metres by use of a concealed switch in battery compartment
    Red LED illuminated readout so can be used at night (i use this and bought it for this purpose when lamping foxes)
    Very clear glass and works well as a back up spotter in all but the darkest nights

    300 (will ship RMSD for 6.50)

    Specs below:

    • Manufacturer: Leica
    • Model:Rangemaster 1200
    • Finish:Black Rubber Armor
    • Magnification Range:7.0
    • Objective:21mm
    • FOV:336'/112m @ 1000 yards
    • Weight:11.25oz/320g
    • Overall Length:4.75"/120mm
    • Additional Notes:Min Range : 16y/15mMax Range : 1200y/1097m (actually I have ranged vertical solid objects out to 1300yds)

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