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Thread: First Aid and Emergency Kit?

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    First Aid and Emergency Kit?


    by way of introduction, I am new to deer stalking, been out a few times, not grassed anything yet but I have done a grallock on a beast shot by someone else.

    Now to the point, Do you carry first aid and emergency kit? If so what?


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    Always carry a small "in car" type first aid kit,mobile phone and have a checking in and out safety procedure.

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    A first aid and emergency kit is a MUST, in my book, when going out in the wild, at all times. I don't go out without one in my kit.

    "It is better to have it and not need it, as to need it and not have it."

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    I'm using this : M Web-tex First Aid Kit - Small

    On top i have added some painkillers, is compact and light, really good value for money.

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    First Aid and Emergency Kit?

    I'm a qualified Advanced Wilderness First Aider. I carry a trauma kit in my range bag and for stalking a kit for a more extended wait for an ambulance.

    At minimum you should carry a lone worker type kit. Small, light and might save a life. Beyond that though knowledge weighs nothing.

    I've got hooked now. I may do Wilderness EMT in 2016.
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    I carry a basic first aid kit in my car but would be very interested in hearing what a first aid kit should contain for when out stalking.

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    You can carry as much or as little as you like. As North Dorset says, it's knowing what to do in an emergency that's the real life saver.

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    totally agree ,everyone should be given first aid training.the equipment is just a bag of stuff without the knowledge to use it.lots of people are against being made to learn anything but its the most useful thing to grandkids are always trying new ways to injure and maim each other and you never know what,s around the corner.
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    I usually stalk alone up in the Scottish Borders.I carry a first aid kit, whistle,space blanket ,torch,high energy food bars and mobile phone.I also have a spot 2 sos beacon as sometimes no mobile signal.
    I carry this in a belt around my waist that also opens into a roe sack should I need to carry a shot roe.

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    I generally carry a forestry first aid kit on me and have another in the truck.

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