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Thread: T3 E-Tac3 light tactical

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    T3 E-Tac3 light tactical

    Finally got my new T3 together, at least the first phase. The 25-06 T3 Lite stainless doner received a shortened 22" 308 F/TR 3-groove Lilja Barrel with 1/13 twist which should be ok for 155-168gr. I duracoated the barrelled action tac black and cured it for a week in our oven. My son Peter made me an experimental ultra light E-Tac3 stock and I full length bedded it with a steel recoil lug. The complete bedded stock only weighs 790 grams. (28oz) but is ultra stiff. The unscoped rifle weighs 7.5lb 3.4kg (lighter than a Mauser M03 sporter)

    My new test scope is not here yet so earlier this week I threw on my old Kahles so that I can go hunting with the rifle Sunday.

    I tested some 168 and 155gr ammo I have lying around. Zero was easy as the bore sighting got it into about 10cm from the zero at 100yds
    The 168's first seemed quite ok for the lousy windy day it was.

    The first shot of the 155 grainers went a bit high maybe due to getting the barrel settled with the new bullet. The next four seemed very promising. I'll do more tests when the weather gets better....


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    That's a lovely looking rifle.

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    That sir is lovely. For some reason I only like synthetic rifles when they aren't black
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I found more pictures from last weekend we took in one of our hunting areas. What was funny was that a Sika doe was watching us just as we wanted to take pictures. She ended up in the boot of the car.
    I always wanted a stock in Coyote Brown and black action/barrel. The black and tan combination is very nice. It is just very difficult to get right in a picture, sometimes has a green touch or pinkish, sometimes yellowish.
    For now I'm trying the original mag system and maybe the alu bottom metal for the original mags. Finally she will have an accuracy mag in her when she gets a new PMII ultra short to test, a three position ASH safety and hopefully a snazzy moderator.


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    very sweet!! How has the weight been saved compared to the normal Etac ?

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    This is a new stock and has slightly less volume than the E-Tac, also does not have the little bridge in front of the trigger. This all will make the E-Tac3 around 2-3oz lighter. When we make a test stock or extremely light we just remove any excess resin in the lay up. Leave out a few "paranoia" reinforcements in the lay up and also make the fill in the inlet area lighter. Peter made a few after this one that weighed only 100-150 grams more than my one, not a huge difference.
    My rifle with the 624i Kahles weighing 1,3kg including the mounts is now top heavy, meaning the centre of gravity on the vertical line is above the bore meaning she will initially dip with the muzzle when fired. When she has the new scope weighing 200 grams less, mounted lower and a heavier magazine system she should be perfectly balanced.

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    Like always, brilliant work from both you and your son.

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    Time to christen the rifle....
    a lousy windy wet morning on the west coast.

    The morning stalk I spooked a red stag which then ran past a group of about ten Sika hinds further down the valley who then ran into the over.
    At a different place a good sized calf came out for a quick feed and I dropped it at 237m downhill. They are in lovely condition this time of the year.


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