I think this might count as advertising which is why I put it in here but these are 3 timelapse videos I shot over the summer/autumn period mostly for my own entertainment but also with the idea to use to get some video and movement onto the cottage website for Dollag's Cottage. At a guess I'd say the camera wasn't more than 2 miles from the cottage for any of the images. They are worth a look just for interest or if you were thinking of a holiday in the Hebrides and if you can then watch them full screen and in the highest quality possible.

Northern Lights around the cottage - this seems to be the one most people enjoy and it was all shot within a short distance of the cottage. The beach is just a short walk away and the one shot from an elevated spot is actually overlooking the cottage which is down on the coastline:

This is a more general one with a little bit of everything including moorland and so on. The one that is captioned as being the full moon is indeed just lit by the moon, the little line of lights you can see in the distance are the lights on the television mast just to prove it was nighttime :-)

Finally this is one of some sunrises in the area. To be honest I didn't capture any especially good sunrises over the nights I had the camera out, and more annoyingly I missed some really good ones during that period, but such is life. However they might provide a little entertainment: