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Thread: Rifle cases for display WANTED

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    Rifle cases for display WANTED

    Hi all,

    After nearly two years my new house is finally done, so I'm on the ponce for rifle cases for my new reloading area.

    Ideally I would like cases with bullet and fired primer, but of course will great fully except anything. Especially any "wildcat" rounds.I will obviously cover postage and cost of dummy rounds.

    I already have :-

    .22 short
    .22 mag
    .17 HMR
    .22 hornet
    .38 spl
    .44 mag
    .45 acp
    .50 bmg
    9mm garden gun
    8 bore

    Merry Xmas all 🎅🏻

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    Whereabouts in Kent are you? I can probably add .17Rem, .22-250 & .444 to your collection.

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    I'm in Minster in Thant, that would be much appreciated ��

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    Not sure how to get then to you but you can add 221 fireball,30-30,308,300blk,7x57,7x64,300rum,and 375 h&h. Pm details and I shall try to sort. May be able to add a few more too. Regards.... Ho ho ho.
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    That would be great, pm sent

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    Hi Rimmie,
    I've got a few wildcats and exotics spare that your welcome to.
    I'll dig them out over the holidays for you. PM me a delivery address.


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    Much appreciated, pm sent

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    Send me a PM.
    I have 5.6x57, 6.5x57 and 8x68S


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    Send address, I've 6.5 x 55 and 12g


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    PM me your address and i will send .17 fireball and .260 ! Oh and 28g & 20g Might have a .303 and any thing else i can find
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