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Thread: How's your season going?

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    How's your season going?

    I was just wondering how other people's seasons were going? Down here in the south east things seem to be poor? I go on a shoot that releases about 2000 and normally shooting 120/day, now only 80s and today down to 48! My own little shoot that normally get 40-50, (release 500) down to just 15 today. Main reason seems to be the weather, and birds just not holding on the feed. Now I'd don't know if this is widespread but just the 2 shoots I'm involved in!

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    hi this is my secound year on a small shoot we put down 1200 each year last year the best day was 57 but this year we have had 117 127 85 65 so a bid difference but in put it down to a lot of hand feeding maize buy hand in the cover crop .and putting 2 new strip0s down but with wild mustard but thats nearly dead now so not alot left

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    Good numbers of birds on my own shoot, estate shoot I pick up on today met the bag but needed blanking in a fair bit we need some cold weather pronto .lucky at home we only shoot once a fortnight more frequently and we'd struggle to get birds back to drives .
    BUT more importantly it's the enjoyment had while out together not the number of birds ,ive shot two small days just lately and never stopped laughing the whole time I was out .
    happy Xmas

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    Round here its average, strange season, weather mild, wet and windy, shot count to birds high, birds up every hedge and not where we want them. Been beating yesterday and today in shirt sleeve order and its nearly Christmas !! Begs the question do we look to start a month later and finish the end of February ?

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    The mild weather on our shoot has seen the birds disperse and the feeders so not seem to hold them. Talking to pals this seems to be a recurring theme.

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