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Thread: Application timeline - Police Scotland

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    Application timeline - Police Scotland

    Just in case this might prove helpful to those applying for their FAL, here's the timescale for my application.
    I live in Speyside, and initial application posted to Inverness
    I already held a SGC and asked for a renewal to be made co-terminous
    I applied for:
    .357 lever action
    .44 black powder pistol

    .243 was for deer, vermin, zeroing and target over any ground where I have permission
    The rest for target only

    4/8/25 - application sent
    7/9/15 - cheque cashed
    22/9/15 - visit from 2 constables for interview and to check security
    9/11/15 - email from PC in charge of application asking for return of current SGC
    14/12/15 - SGC and FAL arrived in post with everything I asked for granted, and all calibres allowed for all purposes

    Both references were followed up by telephone

    All in all pretty smooth

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    Hiya, Not a bad timescale at all, considering you were getting a new grant...I was 4 months for a renewal with one new calibre added ( 270) ....BUT, well pleased nonetheless, and had a smooth application...

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    i would call 4 months ages but i can't remember how long mine took

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    They got mine 4th May (SGC and FAC applications ), still waiting......

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    My renewals have always taken around four months, visit from FEO four months before renewal, check security , check firearms held fill in forms , new certificate arrives few days before expiry of current FAC simple full marks to what was Central Scotland Police.

    Havn't done a renewal yet under Police Scotland but have done quite a few Visitors Permits and they have actually been processed quicker than before .

    Despite all the horror stories I can't find any fault,long may it continue.

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    different parts of the supposedly unified Police Scotland appear to be at the polar ends of reaction time.

    I put my application in to Fettes (former L&B) in mid august. interview in mid November and still waiting on ticket.

    Glasgow and Inverness get great reports

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    I have a friend who submitted an SGC application to Glasgow last April and only received his ticket mid-December.

    He sent me copies of all the correspondence between himself and various people in the FL department and to say I was distinctly unimpressed is a bit of an understatement. It was a comedy of errors from start to finish...

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    Lincolnshire is shocking , you wait ages , the FEO'S are pulling their hair out but that's what you get when the police farm it out to G4S,

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    Lincolnshire has farmed out firearms licencing to G4S??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
    Lincolnshire has farmed out firearms licencing to G4S??

    Yes they have.

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