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Thread: 10rd mag for CZ 452 .17HMR

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    10rd mag for CZ 452 .17HMR

    Hey Folks,

    before i I get ripped off at the Sportsman. Does anyone have any 10rd .17HMR mags for a CZ 452?

    If so, please PM me.


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    I bought a 10 round mag for my cz 452 rimfire and found it sticks in your back when on the sling carrying it, I still use it but it does, only use it lamping to save keep reloading so often

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    Thanks for the heads up, and good point. I have a 5rd mag that I would use on sling in that case. I'll use the 10rd mag in prone or on lamp. ����

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    As above they are a pain , but Dom at Riflemags .uk sell them at good prices

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