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Thread: Let me introduce myself

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    Let me introduce myself

    Hello friends: Greetings from the deep South. My name is Joaquin and I live in Sevilla, Hunter by genetic transmission... grandfather, father... I have hunted from small birds to African Buff... but is hunting for roe deer, which I am hooked. And following this ghost of the forest, it is what I am here. After Spain, Poland, Romania... I have placed my target in Britain. I want to listen and learn everything you can say about the hunting of this animal and see the possibility of preparing a hunting trip to any beautiful corner of your country... where you can find roe deer. About rifles and ammunition, I love " just for men" calibres. Although in this case the tool that often accompany is a single-shot rifle Merkel in 270 win. a Khales 3 - 12 x 56 on top. Perfect to place a bullet acutip 130 grains anywhere. Hoping to share with you great moments chatting about our wonderful sport and share feelings that only a hunter can understand.
    That`s all folks

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    Hello Joaquin
    Welcome to the forum - you'll lean loads about UK Roe stalking here but the only way to really know it is through experiencing it!
    Whats the hunting like in Spain? Chamois, ibex, mouflon?

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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