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Thread: December weather.

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    December weather.

    I can't believe I'm lying here in bed in mid December with the bedroom window open (too warm) listening to the birds singing at one O'clock in the morning.

    My grass is still green and growing, I'm still pulling weeds out from between the slabs on my drive and the daffodils are well up. The weather here is more like mid April other than the depths of winter.

    Usually by this time of the year I'm virtually guaranteed to see roe deer out desperately feeding whilst driving the kids to school in the morning, this year so far very few are showing latter into the morning. . and the ones I am seeing are looking in tip top condition.. . . clearly not under pressure to be out feeding through the day.

    Winter has been very kind to the wildlife so far, and notably even the usual influx of birds visiting the garden is much reduced so far.

    I haven't been out on the does as much as I would have liked so far this winter, but I'm thinking there's going to be some bloody fat healthy does shot this year, and if things continue in this vein some impressive birthing rates come the spring.
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    At the moment the weather is so "all over the place" that the seasons are completely mixed up. We have some red roses blooming in our little communal garden!

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    Wood burner on, windows open daffs are coming up.
    Also my chickens are starting to lay again.

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    Somewhere in the Bible it is forecast "And Ye shall tell Summer from Winter only by the seasons", so somebody once told me about 40 years ago.

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    Took a red this week and fortunately there was snow above the tree line. I was able to leave it overnight before recovery, with some snow inside the cavity. Just as well I managed to chill it right down as it was so warm at home that I only just got it dressed before it turned. Had to put all the waste in the freezer in bags but not before the flies found it and started laying. Crazy.

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    Was out beating on Friday, on my little shoot yesterday, both days a stormy 15 degree and was soaked in sweat both days, shirt sleeves and lightweight waterproofs only. Madness. More to come as well it seems.

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    I'm guessing that one knock-on from this is that next year will be mental for midges. Get ready.

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    I was out for a walk with the dog yesterday, and found a dandelion out in flour, and the blackthorn in the hedges are also coming into bud. It is really going to mess everything up if and when we have some good frosts.

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    I have noticed the Grey Squirrel dreys are starting to appear as if it is early March.
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    Bluebells are 3" tall in our garden and the grass needs a good hair cut.

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