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Thread: AYA n#2

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    AYA n#2


    I'm looking for a nice immaculate n#2 aya side plate , been looking on gun trader but thought try on here too.

    If have one forsale please pm me , have cash waiting .


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    Hi, if you are looking for immaculate you could try Sportarm of Dorchester. They usually have a selection of beautiful guns. Very nice shopping experience too.
    superb guns by the way, with hand detachable locks, which is so easy for cleaning etc.

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    Thank you Rupert j , I will have a look now.
    There is a few on the fun trader at the moment , I take it most are 26" barrels

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    How much you willing to pay? Got a mint 1 with 28 inch barrels

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    Be aware that the value of these things, secondhand, bears no relationship to the retail price. They sell, used, for less than 50p on the 1.00 compared with the new price. Best deal is to look through any of the auction house, say Holt's, and then wait until after the auction day has passed and buy the thing out of their "Online Sale of Unsold Lots".

    Ones with 28" barrels also lose less money than those with 26" barrels which make about 35p in the 1.00 as against the retail price. They are good guns, well made, solid, reliable. But they suffer from shocking residual values.

    This is searched using "AYA" in their search engine so it has thrown up boxlocks, side by sides, single barrels and etc. But gives and idea of what is currently on offer and available to bid on in the 7 January 2016 sale.
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    I'm working in London and have my license with me , can I just rock up at the auction house as its only 1 mile away .?

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    don't want to crash the add !! I am looking for the same in 20 bore with 28" barrels if anyone has one.

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    Re turning up at an auction. Yes, it is a public auction, so any member of the public is allowed to come and bid. However be aware that some auctions require sight of photo-id before being admitted. And most require sight of a SGC before you are permitted to register before the auction starts if wishing to bid on any shot gun.

    Also in any case you usually at this sort of auction....or most others...require registering at a desk before the auction begins to get a paddle number and the paddle. Then you bid, if you win you pay, take your SGC to the counter and they'll enter the shot gun on it and then give it to you to take away.

    Note that Holt's, Bonham's, Gavin Gardiner's auctions are now all next year and that Holt's Sealed Bid is by postal or e-mail bid...nothing is now on show in London.

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    I see on there web site you can purchase it on line?

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