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Thread: Sako 85 Laminated Stock .308

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    Sako 85 Laminated Stock .308

    If anyone has a laminated stock for a Sako 85 in .308 and would like to move it on please drop me a pm.

    Many Thanks,

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    Other option would be any one wanting to make room in their cabinet by selling a Stainless/Laminated .243 Sako 85S! I have an open slot on my FAC for a .243 so this would work and I could switch the stocks?

    Unlikely but you never know.......

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    I have one, but its from my 22.250, not sure whether that will work, cheers

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    Thanks for getting in touch - pm sent.

    Is it a standard weight barrel? If so can anyone confirm that the stock will work for a .308 with a fluted Finnlight barrel?
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    Firstly Happy Xmas all!

    Can someone please advise as I can't find the detail online - after discussing with Bramble above over his laminated stock, it is for a varmint profile barrel. Given I'm intending putting a Finnlight fluted action in to it, will there be an excessive gap down the side of the barrel? It's obviously easier this way than a varmint barrel in to a sporter stock? So I suppose bottom line for anyone who owns both if they could help me - what is the difference in stock inlets between a sporter stock and a varmint profile stock?

    Ideally I was after the grey laminate but it seems beggars can't be choosers!

    Thanks in advance,


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    I was told that Sako, unlike Tikka are "Action" based stocks.

    Examples being-
    .22CF will be a short action
    .30 cal variants will be medium action
    .270 etc long action

    I may be wrong but it's what I was told.

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    You're not wrong, there are different action lengths. Both .308 and 22.250 are Short action but it's the forend profiles I'm not clear on, and if the laminated stocks vary between varmint and sporter profile.

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    Can anyone enlighten me on the forend inlet on a laminated varmint version? Even if any one who owns one can measure it I can then compare with my Finnlight stock.


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