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Thread: long range scope

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    long range scope

    Thinking about getting a new scope for a bit of long range target and varmint shooting up to about 500 yds,with clarity throughout the mag range,price up to about a grand to spend ,any recommendations,dont want the ret to fussy

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    You can get a S/H Nightforce NSX for under a grand.

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    I am using a zeiss 4.5/14x50 plex,

    Very clear and I have been taking shots out to 560 yards on 8" gongs, I find scopes with too much mag make me feel like I am looking down a blocked up drainpipe,

    I have used a few brands for this over the years and have just about got it right, I would think if i went any higher I would go for a Scope with just a tad more mag...say 20 but any more than that and I think I would start that bunged up feeling again, and I wwould loose my ffield of view comfort zone too.

    I wish you well.

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    I use a 5-25x56PA ILL S&B PMII on my TRG22, works well to 1200yds
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    I use a Zeiss 6.5-20x50 out to 1000m, clear as a bell.
    If I had the money and the rifle was only for LR shooting I'd be using a Nightforce Tactical or benchrest scope.

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    No contest, get a Swaro 5X30X50

    They go for around 1000



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    I second the decision on Vortex.. get the PST or HS LR, exposed turrets - lockable zero stop and return to zero, also has a gauge of how many rotations you make so you don't get lost.

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