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Thread: Swarovski range 8x42

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    Swarovski range EL 8x42

    Attachment 64829Attachment 64830Attachment 64831Attachment 64832Attachment 64833Attachment 64834Attachment 64835I have 2 of these fantastic range finding binoculars,
    first pair i bought new in may this year from a local camera shop, mint condition all of the paperwork and box, c/w case & caps £1850
    Second is a 2 year old set, just bin back to swaro for a service & refurb, new rain guard & objective covers, slight wear to the front hinge paint only lenses are mint £1350
    I will keep which ever one is left !! both perfect at the job they were made for, p&p included in the price with RMSD
    Pics can be provided by email
    Many thanks Kev
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    .... Even i wouldn't ask that much.!!

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    In the spirit of TSD i'll bid you £500 cash but you must accept by midnight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    In the spirit of TSD i'll bid you £500 cash but you must accept by midnight?
    Now, play nicely. You know what you're like on your For Sale threads...
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    HA HA Rd is only miffed because my 2 year old range finding Swarovski binoculars are £786 cheaper than new. Where as his Leica 2 years old are only £200 cheaper

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