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Thread: My First Sussex Fallow

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    My First Sussex Fallow

    I have just returned from my annual Pilgrimage to Sussex in search of Fallow Deer.This year i was invited up again to have a few Stalks with Geoff And Robin who are Better know as Kent and Sussex Deer Control,I set off early in the morning to have a long drive from Somerset to Sussex where i had to meet the guys at 10.00 am,i was a bit early arriving at the meeting place at 8.45am but that was good as i was able to stretch my legs and rest a while before i met my team .They turned up on time and we got all the usual hand shakes and such like out the way and off we went to the first port of call,Geoff was going to sit in a high seat and Robin and i Stalked a large wood the weather was good and we had the wind blowing up through the wood perfect for the Stalk, we slowly carried on walking the well worn tracks it was very wet under foot and plenty off Deer slots in the mud but not a sign of any Deer, we finally came to the seat Geoff was in and he had nothing to report either. Robin walked through the top of the wood while Geoff and myself stayed in the high seat Robin reported back over the radio that there were a herd of Fallow in the wood but they went out the wood away from us so no Deer this Time.We got back to the Truck and went for a very welcome all day Breakfast which i was very kindly treated to By Geoff,after we had had our fill we set off to another spot where we were all sat in 3 different high seats i was told i had a good seat and Fallow showed infront of my seat on a regular occurrence, over the radio i heard Geoff say he had seen to Fallow Does appear in the distance from his seat but no chance of a shot, i then heard From Robins radio he had a Pricket 2/300 yards from his seat no shot we stayed till dark and my seat which i was told was a good spot i saw 3 rabbits and 2 cock Pheasants lol..We called it a day and set off back to Geoffs place where his lovely wife had a hot meal waiting for us.Day 2 the Saturday i was offered to share Geoffs peg on a Pheasant syndicate he has joined but on arrival i was given a full peg as one guy never turned up, we walked alot and had some good birds flying in the very strong winds the people who were on the shoot were a very nice bunch of guys they had never met me before but made me feel very welcome and a big thank you to Geoff for that day aswell it is only a small shoot and at the end of the day we finished with 49 Pheasants 2 Ducks and a Pigeon i really enjoyed the whole day.Well my invite to Sussex was running out fast and i still have not shot a Sussex Fallow 3 years ago i have an invite from Rich Cole aka Sussex and that was blank last year Geoff and Robin gave me an invite another blank i was beginning to think that the Sussex Fallow was a MYTH lol,Geoff kindly said when we were back at his home yet again tucking into another tasty meal cooked by his wife Lesley if you like before you go home tomorrow morning which was Sunday if we get up early i will try to find a Fallow for you i have a plan, i said ok but under my breath i was thinking early start sit in high seat for hours no Fallow .But we did get up at 4.30 am had a bite to eat and a cuppa then had a long drive to the seat, we were sat in the seat by about 6 ish waiting for the morning to wake up and produce my first Sussex Fallow after all this would be my tenth outing in Sussex without even getting my cross hairs on a Deer never mind pulling the trigger .It started to get light and the birds started to sing Rabbits were chasing each other but no Deer, Geoff was sat on my left and at about 7.30 am a Fallow Buck came across a small patch of field under the wire and out in front of the high seat, i was so amazed to see a Fallow Deer i didn't know if to photograph it sit and stare at it Kiss Geoff or what, but i did take the shot and i had grassed my very first very elusive Fallow Deer.I would like to say a very big Thank you to Geoff and Robin who run the Kent and Sussex deer control i could not have had a much better welcome from them both and this year as last year they really tried their very best to put me on a Deer.Well done Geoff for all your hospitality i cant thank you enough.

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    Hi Owen, I was beginning to think you must be a very unlucky stalker, but persistence paid off and we got there in the end, a good result but boy we had to work for it, hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as i did, Cheers Geoff.

    Owens Buck

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    Good to meet you Owen. Well done Geoff.

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    Well done Owen on your first Sussex fallow...we don't breed them stupid up here...they get shot at at just about every turn so it takes hard work to get in on them let alone get the rifle up. Mind you I to have never grassed a buck whilst in the company of Geoff...still not sure if its the aftershave or the snoring, I am sure he will have a list of reasons of his own.
    Glad you had a just reward for your efforts and I am sure both Robin & Geoff worked their socks off, I have stalked with them many times and always enjoy my day even when its been a blank.

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    It was good to meet you aswell Steve and good luck on your new venture.yes Foxydave both Robin and Geoff worked as hard as they could to put me on to a Fallow.We had a good bit of banter over the weekend but as Geoff said persistence won through.

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    Hi FoxyDave. I looked back through my stalking diary and you are absolutely right you have not grassed a single deer in my company, but i dont think its the snoring or the aftershave, it must have been something else, !! Any ideas !! Have a great Christmas and look forward to catching up in the new year.
    Cheers Geoff

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    Thanks Geoff all the best for you and Lesley, waiting on a few options from Robin regards the new year and perhaps we can put the record straight and get one on the ground when we are together....probably the fact that we spend most of the time talking a load of rubbish the deer walk on bye, unnoticed.
    Cheers David

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