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    Seeland Wellys

    Had a wee look at older posts and the Seeland range of wellys, particularly the neoprene ones seem to get mentioned a few times. I've had a look on John Norris, and theres three pairs (listed below) does anyone have any experiance with them, or recommend another brand for the cost as i'll be lookig in the January sales?

    The wellys will get a fair amount of abuse stalking, rough shooting and dog walking etc,


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    Have you seen these?
    SIBIR 500 Warm Neoprene Wellies - | Decathlon

    I bought a pair a couple of months ago and so far am very happy with them and I've worn them a fair bit in that time. The two year guarantee is reassuring.

    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I've had the ones in the first link for a couple of years and I think they're bob on - do the job fine and have lasted well. Having said that, I'd never pay the money folf do for Le Chameau etc so maybe my expectations are limited!

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    Hi Chris,
    I bought a pair of these for work about a year ago. The one's I have are full length zip, gusset on the other side with a calf fastener.

    All in all a comfortable boot with a very good zip. I have had most makes and have had problems with them all. This one has had less than most.

    . The calf adjuster is a bit of a waste. It got caught up the first week of use and broke on one side. Not needed really.
    . The welding at the toe end has a gap. This appeared shortly after purchase, but has remained water tight and has not gotten any worse after A LOT of use.
    . The sizing is a bit narrow. If you have big wide feet, you may find them a bit tight.

    All in all very impressive for the price. I've had 300 boots that have leaked, squeaked and fallen apart in shorter time.

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    Comfortable but soft. Mine never took much abuse.

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    Cheers for the advice guys I'll take a look around after Christmas and see if there any any bargains, 8x57 good shout about decathlon I forgot about them and they wellys look alright!

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