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Thread: Insect Repellent

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    Insect Repellent

    Evening All

    Does anyone have experience using "Muskol insect repellent" i believe its from the States, I have not found anything yet that really works for me, i have tried Avon skin so soft, Autan and Jungle formula without any real success.

    While in Scotland this week i met a very kind fellow stalker that swears by it he gave me a bottle of "Muskol" to try but obviously its not the midge season yet and wondered if any site users have tried it before.


    Deer Stalker

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    I have to say that up here in scotland most folk use skin so soft it even works on our huge midges

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    I was out for a Buck tonight and felt my first midgie of this year!!!

    I dont use any repellent, I havent found one that works, they all seem to stop them biting but still dont stop them landing on you which is just as annoying!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I've been getting 'midged' for the psat couple of weeks now... I've heard that 'thermacell' is supposed to be very good, but I don't know if it just works on Mosquitos and not for midges?

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    skin so soft for me got my first tick of the year on sunday eve

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    i use jungle formula with skin so soft here in scotland.. it works for me. smell is a big issue to be honest. they all smell so strong so either put up with the midges or see no deer.. no win.

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    I use 'skin so soft', doesn't stop them landing but does stop them biting. Also use stuff called Nordic Summer, a natural repellent from scandinavia, smells like burnt wood but seems to work ok and is in a handy to carry tin. I don't often use stuff with DEET as it can damage equipment, it doesn't react well with some plastics.

    You can't beat a full face veil and gloves!!

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    I'm with ScottC, you can mess about all you like with potions and so on but if the midges are really bad you need a head net. If there is a magic potion that works as well as the net then I don't know anyone who has found it.

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    I've used 'OFF' and it works for everything, only downside being you can't get it in the UK. There are various different strengths but the 'Deep Wood' is the strongest and has worked from Scotland to Brunei and a fair few other places.

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    I was stalking in Scotland in the peak of summer last year, if you remember it was about 5 hours one Wednesday afternoon, And I wore a head net and gloves
    but forgot to tuck in my shirt so the midges bit my belly. That was very uncomfortable !!


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