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Thread: Beretta 626e

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    Beretta 626e

    Afternoon all,up for sale is my beretta 626e sxs.
    The gun is in great condition and has been looked after by myself for the last 5 years.
    The stock has been shorted to 13 3/4" lop but have a shock absorber pad that takes it back to 14 1/2" lop.
    It has the single trigger and barrel selector and fixed chokes of 1/4 and 1/2.
    Blue ing 7.5/10
    Barrels internal 9/10
    Stock 7.5/
    Any viewing welcome.
    I'm looking for 1000.
    More Pictures can be sent via email.
    Prepared to travel a small distance if this helps.
    This is truly a beautiful game gun and needs to be used.
    Ps not sure if it has been shortened or just changed the stock end as all the pictures I look at they seem to have larger recoil pads than the walnut one on mine.
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    My dad just got a pair in 20g
    Very nice guns.

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    I might be wrong but Beretta did fit wooden recoil pads for a while. I suspect yours is unaltered.

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    A good few years ago I had a 626e and it also had a wooden recoil pad, so as mentioned above the gun may be unaltered.

    Good luck with the sale.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    Quite common for Beretta to have the wooden heel plate, especially on game guns. They can still be bought from GMK to replace the normal type recoil pads.

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    If you can send it to my RFD for the 1000 i will take it. Many thanks Kev

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1kevb View Post
    If you can send it to my RFD for the 1000 i will take it. Many thanks Kev
    Hi sent a pm and will be in touch.

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