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Thread: Tikka t3 and mod problem

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    Tikka t3 and mod problem

    So I have a .308 T3 in stainless heavy barreled which I have been chasing an issue where it wasn't grouping properly and rounds were flying big time, found the issue were the action screws had worked loose, quite a common problem im led to believe.

    now that ive got it back on paper without the mod, I can get it to group 1" no problems.

    The issue is when the mod is put back on, they fly all over the place, Ive checked the mod to see if its been clipping, no signs of anything. the group is large looks like ive use a shotgun because they are spread over the target and have move POI about 8" from where it would group with out the mod.

    anyone any ideas what else to check

    Im thinking having it recut and re crowned and starting from scratch.

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    If it is shooting that well without the moderator, the problem is not in the barrel or its crown. The problem is in the moderator.
    Step 1 is to borrow a different moderator and try that with the same ammunition.

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    Hi, I remember Mike Norris showed me a rifle some years ago where the screw cutting had not been perfectly centred on the barrel and so when a mod was screwed on it was off centre. He showed me an extreme example, but if only very slightly off centre it could be the cause of your problem and make the round graze an internal baffle in your mod. Worth a gunsmiths opinion perhaps? Good luck, Jerry

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    What you say seems logical Southern,however, if the shoulder is not completely square it will pull the mod off a bit (accentuated by a heavy barrel) but maybe not enough to clip the baffles, this could affect your groups.
    When the moderator is removed the rifle is back to normal shooting tight groups. Get it checked by someone qualified.

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    Get the thread checked and Try another mod

    what hat mod is it your using

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    As above - it may also be that the weight of the mod is causing the barrel to touch somewhere on the stock rather than remaining free floating - I'm assuming the rifle/mod combination shot fine before?

    Just make sure you've not tightened it down too much......

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    Check recoil lug is seating up against stock properly.

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    I recently had a customer with a T3 hunter (could have been any rifle) who had a local guy thread the barrel and fit their over barrel moderator. He was complaining about grouping and in one case hitting a deer in the head while aiming at the heart... ???
    I had a look at the rifle, it seemed the thread was not in line to the bore. The thing was that if the moderator with a tight fitting bushing was not tightened at all... she would be halfway straight and probably shot halfway ok. Depending how tight the moderator was screwed on she would go more and more out of line. I didn't have much to measure in the workshop but a 30 cal cleaning rod fitted quite tight in the 6.5x55 barrel. If the mod was tight the cleaning rod was tight against one side of the mod. Especially when I removed the rear plastic bush.
    I found some bits of an old front mounted Roedale mod with the baffles and end piece for a 9,3cal and fitted that. The cleaning rod just cleared the baffles but completely out of centre. With that the rifle is shooting great, just to get the customer through the deer season.

    My suggestion, do not fire another shot through the mod or any other mod. Get it looked at by someone who has experience. Mike Norris, Redmist for example.


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