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Thread: Germany (again)

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    Germany (again)

    Hi All

    I'm a bit late writing this up so I'll just share the bullet points.

    A couple of months back Ezzy 6.5 and I popped to over to my good friends in Germany, Michael (Wildboar1973) and Heini.

    Michael picked us up from the a from the airport and took us to Heini's farm in the east where we were to hunt.

    As always we had a great time I took a nice Mouflon ram and was very very close to getting a huge old ram (maybe next time).

    I was sat in a seat on a foggy morning with a group of Mouflon just yards from me I watched them for half an hour but I was unable to assess the heads because of the fog, eventually it cleared enough to see the one ram was massive with a beautiful wide and heavy full curl. I messaged Heini and got the all clear just as it moved off as I said maybe next time.

    We then traveled to Heinis home farm back in the west and as always made extremely welcome by his lovely family.

    We sat up under a bright moon for some boar and I was lucky to have two groups visit my seat and I took one out of each.

    great trip as always thanks again Michael and Heini look forward to seeing you both over here in the new year.

    ( Michael my write up is only a couple of months late )

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    Looks like you had a great trip!

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    Great write up Wayne, well done! And well done to Stu, Michael and Heini.

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    A nice succinct write up, pictures always assist.

    I like the picture of the reticle. What scope ant reticle is it? Also rifle details would be interesting.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Nice write up mate.

    What took you so long with the write up :-) :-).
    no pressure Michael, how long ago was it :-) :-)

    Hopefully see Heini and Michael in the new year when they are over.


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    From the initial title I thought you were getting fed up with all that foreign travel! If it's too much to take let me know and I'll happily fill your shoes. Reading on I may be wrong, sounds like you had a good time. Nice old goat that!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmaster View Post
    Nice old goat that!!!
    Hope your just kidding around

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    looks like a very successful trip Wayne, pity about the old ram but not a bad bagful anyway.
    Dont you just hate the fog, lost the last 2 days in Ireland as it was to thick to even bother going out.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Cheers guys yes a great time as always.

    I was using Heini's Blaser (of course ) 30.06 with a Swarovski scope.

    Thanks John who you calling an old goat

    Jon you talking about this years write up or last years??????

    a couple more photo's

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    Great article and photos - Silly question, but is Mouflon meat good to eat?

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