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Thread: Zeiss or Schmidt and Bender?

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    Zeiss or Schmidt and Bender?

    Hi gang! im changing the scope for my 6.5, i have a burris on it at the mo, but withthe dollar being low now i think il go for a more expensive model, which of the above is better? or are they both equally as good? im leaning more towards the zeiss....

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    Tiny, I have 2 s&b. 3-12/by50, and a 8*56. Both are fab. Have looked through various others and all seem about the same. All I can say is that the 8*56 quiete often gives me a later shot than some of my mates can take. But I believe that is the "56" bit!!!

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    Tiny, try and have a look through both, at this quality of glass there is not much in it, all down to personal taste. I am a big fan of and use S&B, but when I was after a scope for my 222, there were two to choose from both variable, one a S&B and one an IOR, would you believe I chose the IOR, just appealed to me more on the day.


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    I have the German S&B 6x42,fantastic optics and no complaints, never tried a Zeiss but i am sure they are equally good.
    Sportsman have a new S&B scope in, it is 7x50, sounds good to me.

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    what will you do with the burris?

    What will you do with your old burris scope.


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    Following on from this post about scopes (i need to get one soon for my 7x57). What is the consensus in illuminated reticles? Are they any good?

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    sp4rkman, I only have one IR, that IOR, I like it for late in the day when it is easy to lose the reticule against a dark background. I only got it last year but so far I like it.


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    cheers for the advice lads, im gonna put the burris on a 223 that im gonna get now in a few weeks, good scope but i could do with better ya know!

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    I get the feeling that the latest generation of Zeiss products, whilst still very good are not as good or as well made as they used to be. The american ones are made to a price. The old Zeiss 4x32, 6x42's etc were fantastic. Certainly my 7x42 BGAT binoculars are wonderful, but I wouldn't buy the latest generation of Zeiss bino's - I would go for Svarovski or Leica.

    In terms of scope I would lean towards the Schmidt & Bender. In terms of reticle - I like the German No 4 style with heavy outer posts and fine central wires. I have one in my Meopta (again a very good brand) and even at last light still can position easily enough, when there is still enough light to positively identify what I am shooting at. The only reason that I bought the Meopta is that i have low mounts on the Heym and the Meopta was the only one that fitted and didn't touch the barrel etc. It came with a Zeiss 4x32 but for hill shooting wanted a 6 power - I stupidly sold the Zeiss as it was a brilliant scope and would have been very useful for woodland stalking.

    Illuminated reticles I have used in the past. Would I buy a scope with one - don't know, but if it was one or the other I would rather spend the money on better optics, than illuminated reticle.

    I suppose at the end of the day if you took a Khales, Svarovski, S&B, Doctor etc and scratched off the names you would have a hard job to tell between.

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    Zeiss is good but Schmidt has more to offer.
    They are a smallish outfit where one can pick up the phone and the
    girl at the desk knows what a scope is.
    I've had several S&B's and came to a few conclusions.

    1) The S&B glass has gotten much better in the last years. Quite a
    difference. My newish 4-16x50 seemed much brighter at dusk than my
    maybe 20 year old 8x56.
    2) The flash-dot is absolutely fantastic, by far the best system.
    The FD 7 reticule is so fine that it compensates the first focal plane
    dissadvantage, and one still has a daytime red dot scope.
    The normal No. 4 reticule is quite a lump at max mag.
    3) S&B's are strong and reliable and good for rough terrain, but also
    fairly heavy.

    First choice for hunting and foxing rifle, 3-12x50 Zenith FD7
    First choice for a very lightweight carry around rifle. Swaro 4-12x50 AV
    with a plex reticule.

    The most sensible choice would possibly be the fixed 7x50 as a stalking scope. No messing around, just concentrate on the shot. At the IWA I thought it was the brightest scope I have ever looked through, it can also be ordered with a normal illuminator.


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