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Thread: Fox calling CD

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    Fox calling CD

    Hi all, I currently can't afford an electronic fox call so am after a CD for the car. Does anyone have one or know of anyone who could make or copy one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

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    I have loads on my pc, but I don't burn cd's

    If you have an email and can burn at home I could try and send them to you, I have 200 that came with my un used fox pro wildfire caller,

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    Dan I can burn you some off but will have to be after Xmas as would prob et lost in the post let me know if you dont get sorted.

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    Thanks alot chaps. Bob appreciate your offer but I'm absolutely useless with computers lol. Blueeyes I'd sure appreciate than and after Christmas is no problem whatsoever. I'll PM you

    Thanks again both and merry Christmas

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    Dan, Send me your postal details and I will burn off a CD of the calls I have and send it to you as a Christmas gift!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas mate!

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    I would like a cd of the Fox pro calls please? Of course I would pay. Thanks

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    Thanks alot Pete PM inbound


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